Dispatch from Self-Isolation: Everything Will Be Ok  

Dispatch from Self-Isolation: Everything Will Be OK 

by vocalist Alexis Cole 

Everything Will Be OK, says a lawn sign that I jog by. No, it most certainly will not, is my reflexive thought. 

I think a lot about Climate Catastrophe these days…actually most days. I’m an apocalyptic thinker, raised that way and exacerbated by a passion for the New Testament in the formative time of my early adulthood. Though somehow not everyone seems to agree, most scientists say that things look bad for the continuance of…

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Collected Blog Posts 2009-2012 

Some thoughts from 2009-2012   

Hammer of the Truth

Okay, it wasn’t bad.  I’m not trying to dog them.  But tonight at the Tarrytown Music Hall, seeing Hammer of the Gods, the Led Zepplin Tribute band, helped me crystalize some things I’ve had in the back of my mind for awhile.    

I sing jazz.  I know, it’s old music.  Most of the songs I play were written long before the guys in Led Zepplin were even born.  So what higher ground could I stand on?  Derivative music versus original music, art versus…

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Jazz Diva in Basic Training: Summer 2009 

Blog Post 1 May 7, 2009 

My life, is a celebration, of decadence. 

In my favorite Indian restaurant, I sip roasted mate, chow down on carrot walnut cake, listen to sarangi And what better way to appreciate all of those mundane decadent glories than to take them suddenly away. 

“I drank of every vine, the last was like the first, I came across no wine so wonderful as Thirst.”  –Edna St. Vincent Millay 

What better way to learn to cherish freedom, than to lay that freedom at the feet of another.  In…

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Japan 2007-2009 

January 3, 2007  Otskare Sama Deshita 

Dear Friends, 

        I always try to write these letters before the end of a chapter, but now I’m writing from a comfy apartment in Toronto having been back from Japan for two weeks already!  Actually this whole year has been lived entirely outside of the country, and as it looks from here, so will most of next year!   

        Japan!?  How did That happen?! On my way back from Ecuador in June, I stopped in to visit with my parents in Ft. Lauderdale.  We were…

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Ecuador 2006 

From my time as professora at Universidad de San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador

April 14, 2006 Alexis in the Amazon OR The Immortality of a Crab 

I realize it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, and for some it’s a little early for another installment in my ‘What I did for my summer vacation’ story.  But as some of you know, I’ve been living in Quito, Ecuador for the last 3 months and I guess you’re all very eager to hear how it’s going!   

           The truth is I haven’t written yet because…

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Europe 2001-2005 

Collected stories of travels to Europe

May 14, 2001 – Macon, France 


 Well I lost my first letter and I’m running out of time!  Hello everyone, pardon any typing errors, the keyboard isn’t the same, in about half an hour ill catch the bus from Macon to Taize, it took me forever to get here because i wasn’t exactly sure how to get to Taize, and no one else knew.  i visited the house of mary help of christians sisters in Milan,the same sisters i lived…

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India 1999 

Sept 14, 1999 

Hello Everyone, 

      India...well the running joke is “Eyh, it’s like a monsoon out there!”  Yes, it actually is a monsoon out here!  I am soaked even as I write.  I’ve been doing a lot, including Indian classical voice lessons four times a week.  I’m progressing well, and enjoying being exposed to Eastern music, which bears many similarities to jazz, I’m finding.  Not necessarily in sound, but in form and intention.   

    We’ve had many adventures so far, and anticipate many more…

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