From the recording Blues for All Us

Words and Music by Alexis Cole
Based on the Chords from Blues for Alice, I was practicing the famous Charlie Parker head when I wondered, why was Alice so special that Bird wrote her a song... and how come nobody ever wrote me one?


Why's Alice so great? What's she got over me? How bout Stella, Laura or Emily? As far as I can see I'm all a man wants me to be and yet there's no song for me?

Well Debby got a waltz, and Joan's got tones, when Betty came along, she got her own song
I thought maybe that you might write a song for me? Perhaps an 8 bar blues. Alice got 12, but who's counting?
I guess I'll have to write my own song, 'cause now you've moved on, taking all the melodies and chords, but you left behind a few, and though I meant to write a song for me, it seems I wrote a song for you...

..You know Georgia Brown isn't sweeter than me. Neither is Jeanine or Sister Sadie. Miss Otis has regrets and so do I, the day we met! See there I go, writing you into my song again.
I guess I'll have to write a new song, so I can move on, a song that makes me sing and dance til my heart runs free. I'm waiting for the day when someone else will sing this song I wrote with me.

Shoobe do wee in my room all alone. Practicing my be-bop, by the telephone. Won't someone come and save me while I'm young, don't want to leave my song unsung, don't want to give up on romance. I believe that someday he will find me. And then he'll write me a song that everyone will want to play! Until love comes my way I guess I'll practice Blues for Alice everyday. keep the blues away I guess I'll practice Blues for Alice everyday.