Max Myrick - bass
  • Max Myrick - bass
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Hometown: Riverside CA How you got your start on your instrument: started on alto sax in elementary school. I was going to join the high school jazz band on guitar but was plopped onto bass when the original bassist quit because his instrument was stolen. Some offbeat musical project you are or were involved in: I currently am part of an Afrobeat-inspired "voodoo funk" band GLIFOS ( but previously played for many years in a very bad but fun ska-punk band. An ambition musical or otherwise: To take as many possible things as slow as I can, and to "be like water". Somewhere cool you’ve traveled to or played at: I got the chance to spend spring break performing in Waikiki with the Riverside City College Jazz Ensemble. When he’s not practicing you can often find him: riding my bike with my better half Gillian and Sadie, my 10yr old Pomeranian. I spend a lot of time listening to others for the sake of itself without needing to contribute. There is absolutely no one that we cannot learn incredibly valuable lessons from. Keeping our ears much larger than our heads can take us very far. Be kind.

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