Alex Flavell - Pianist
  • Alex Flavell - Pianist
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My hometown is Anaheim, California! I got started on the piano only because my parents decided to buy one, and let it sit around in the house. I fooled around on it for a long time, even writing a few original compositions until my parents thought it was the right time to start piano lessons. Being steered towards piano was a total coincidence. An offbeat musical project I was involved in was composing for/conducting an orchestra for "YouTube celebrity" Bryan Lanning's latest album. One of my musical ambitions is starting a business, involving composing, arranging, and transcribing with very quick return times. I've performed on the main stage at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, for a national competition in Melbourne, Florida, and around Southern I just have Washington left before I've played in all four corners of the United States! When I'm not practicing you can often find me hiking around Los Angeles, traveling all around California in search of the best shake ever, or spending way too much time doing absolutely nothing. I have one sibling with a disability, but a fun fact about my family is that while nobody in my ancestry--parents, grandparents, etc.--really got into music, most of my cousins are involved in the music industry.

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