1. Urban Dreams
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Urban Dreams
Look up above to the giants looming high.  
Look up to crystal gods of steel.
They show the signs of our lusting, 
our dreaming and our love, 
with buildings breeding crowds above.

Now casting down shade
for our glide in summertime, 
for comfort's so slow in the heat.
For as we slide in the summertime,
our arms intertwine, 
we cool down in the city's shade.
Fast streets, bright corners,
sharp edged and wild, 
take me, oh take me far. 
From the icy cityscape, we escape 
to the gentle warmth of the Lennox Lounge. 

Look up above to the giants looming large, 
look up to crystal gods of glass.
For as we slide into summertime,
arms intertwined, 
promenading in this urban dream.