Phineas Crisp - trombone
  • Phineas Crisp - trombone
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Hometown: San Francisco How you got your start on your instrument: I had wanted to play the tenor sax but my middle school band director said she had too many of those and suggested I play trombone (no one really chooses the trombone) An ambition musical or otherwise: To travel, for music and just for fun as well Somewhere cool you’ve traveled to or played at: I got to play at the North Sea and the Umbria Jazz Festival in Europe with my high school big band. Some of my most favorite memories Somewhere cool you’ve always wanted to travel to or play at: I want to go back to Europe to play, but I also would love to play in Japan or New Orleans (very different places I know) When he’s not practicing you can often find him ______: Lately I’ve been getting into rock climbing as a side venture. This summer in particular though you can often find me watching the World Cup, sometimes while practicing! Any fun family facts: My parents named me after jazz pianist Phineas Newborn Jr.

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