Evan Hamada - trumpet
  • Evan Hamada - trumpet
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Hometown: Fresno, CA. How you got your start on your instrument: I started playing trumpet in the 4th grade after seeing a trumpet player in my elementary school jazz band and wanting to be just like him! An ambition musical or otherwise: I've always wanted to visit all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks before I get too old to travel. Somewhere cool you’ve traveled to or played at: I've performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, definitely one of the most amazing musical experiences I've been a part of. Somewhere cool you’ve always wanted to travel to or play at: I've always wanted to travel to Norway and really soak in the jazz scene there! When he’s not practicing you can often find him rooting on his SF Giants or binge watching some comedy on Netflix. Any fun family facts: My father is a professional drummer and jazz educator who has spent many years on faculty for the Fresno State jazz program, and has adjudicated many jazz festivals throughout California and Nevada.

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