Pablo Muñoz-Snyder - vibes
  • Pablo Muñoz-Snyder - vibes
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-I'm a long beach native--born, raised and graduated from elementary school through university here. -I play the vibraphone, a unique mallet instrument that drew me in from a interest in all things percussive. If you can strike it, and it makes noise, then I'm into it! - I currently play in several grass roots garage band-style projects that range from Latin Jazz fusion to reggae infused singer songwriter originals. Check out Bathala and the Zulu Ali Quartet on Facebook! - I am heavily influenced by video games. Indeed, some of my favorite music comes from the primitive sound chips of computers from the past, like the Commodore 64 and Sega X6800, as well as the lush, film score-esque orchestration of modern gaming titles, like Cuphead, Fallout, and Halo. - When I'm not playing music, you can catch me livestreaming classic video game content at - I hope to take the music that I have gleaned from these games over the years and adapt them into live musical projects, incorporating the Vibraphone, electronics, and any noise making toys In between! For a taste of what I mean, check out my soundcloud "Percussive Adventures" or my Instagram "paableeto", born of which are packed with video game music content! - Thank you for your love and support!

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