Brandon Johnson - guitar
  • Brandon Johnson - guitar
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Hometown: Santa Rosa, California

How you got your start on your instrument: Some of my friends during elementary school began to play guitar through an arts program at school. I originally wanted to learn flute and bass guitar until I realized that my guitar friends were using guitar picks. For some reason guitar picks fascinated me and they are the reason why I started guitar. I remember going to the store with my mom and Grandma and buying over 25 guitar picks before I even knew how to play guitar.

An ambition musical or otherwise: I always thought that it would be awesome to have a comedy sketch show on Adult Swim. I have countless ideas in my head for sketches.

Somewhere cool you’ve traveled to or played at: Toronto Canada is my favorite place because a lot of my family lives in Ontario.

Somewhere cool you’ve always wanted to travel to or play at: I have always wanted to travel to and perform music in Germany, France, and South Korea.

When he’s not practicing you can often find him ______: Playing the video game Rocket League.

Any fun family facts: I am an only child who was born in San Francisco. Because my dad served in the Marine Corps, we moved to the island of Oahu with my mom when I was two years old. At age eight I briefly moved to Toronto Canada and then finally moved to Santa Rosa California at age nine.

I like video games and conspiracy theories.

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