Collected Blog Posts 2009-2012

Some thoughts from 2009-2012   

Hammer of the Truth

Okay, it wasn’t bad.  I’m not trying to dog them.  But tonight at the Tarrytown Music Hall, seeing Hammer of the Gods, the Led Zepplin Tribute band, helped me crystalize…

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Jazz Diva in Basic Training: Summer 2009

Blog Post 1 May 7, 2009 

My life, is a celebration, of decadence. 

In my favorite Indian restaurant, I sip roasted mate, chow down on carrot walnut cake, listen to sarangi And what better way to appreciate…

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Japan 2007-2009

January 3, 2007  Otskare Sama Deshita 

Dear Friends, 

        I always try to write these letters before the end of a chapter, but now I’m writing from a comfy apartment in Toronto having been back from Japan for two…

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Ecuador 2006

From my time as professora at Universidad de San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador

April 14, 2006 Alexis in the Amazon OR The Immortality of a Crab 

I realize it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, and…

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Europe 2001-2005

Collected stories of travels to Europe

May 14, 2001 – Macon, France 


 Well I lost my first letter and I’m running out of time!  Hello everyone, pardon any…

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India 1999

Sept 14, 1999 

Hello Everyone, 

      India...well the running joke is “Eyh, it’s like a monsoon out there!”  Yes, it actually is a monsoon out here!  I am soaked even as I write.  I’ve been doing a lot, including…

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